Health and Safety

Everyone controlling site work has health and safety responsibilities. Checking that working conditions are healthy and safe before work begins, and ensuring that the proposed work is not going to put others at risk, require planning and organisation. This applies whatever the size of the site.

A client under the construction design management (CDM) regulations is someone who is having construction or building work carried out, unless they are a domestic client. A domestic client is someone who lives, or will live, in the premises where the work is carried out. The premises must not relate to any trade, business or other undertaking. Although a domestic client does not have duties under CDM, those who work for them on construction projects will.

On all projects clients will need to:

We believe in forming and maintaining close relationships with our clients through regular communication. This, together with having the necessary systems in place, ensures that we are able to give the right information to the right people, at the right time – the key to effective CDM Coordination.

We see our role as one of catalyst, ensuring that risks which can be affected by design are identified, effectively assessed and where practicable controlled. Our skill lies in meeting the necessary statutory requirements effectively.